Wednesday, January 4, 2012


mixpod is being really lame. so i could not make a new playlist =(. i guess im going to have to hog all the good music to myself lol....

this winter break was really interesting. full of emotional turmoils the first two weeks that really shed light on my own insecurity, fear, lack of patience/faith/hope/trust in God, and selfish ambitions/desires. the two weeks following after that i felt completelyyyy the opposite. God has really shown me time and time AGAIN that i shouldn't rely on my own feelings and intuitions on any situation or circumstance... because everything always turns out as what i didn't expect. it's been the biggest blessing to have the Holy Spirit dwell in me show me that sometimes i just need to have some patienceeee, instead of jumping to my own conclusions with a freakout and later finding out ...ha....ha..... i would have saved myself from a lot of unecessary distractions

i've learned how far i still need to go into putting Christ as center in my life.

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