Friday, March 23, 2012

Please your pride, telling lies that you're on your own

^ that specific line in a song really opened my eyes to all the levels of pride that exist in my heart. feeling alone, that sense of lonliness itself is the unbelief that God is with me all the time. it is the actual self-persuasion that from what i feel sometimes it come to belief that i am completely by myself in this world. what an insult my pride has been towards God who is with me ALL THE TIME.. even when i'm so blind to his presence.

God truly remains FAITHFUL to me...... just last night i've realized that He had answered me. Answered a prayer i probably so desperately hoped for back 4 years ago. which i totally forgot about. it's funny how when time passes and things get better i tend to forget the fear, the pain, and the desperation...and most importantly His acceptance, His mercy, and His love.

as yukimi would say 'after the rain we forget..we make sure we gain and then we leave it... cause we're a nation of forgetters'