Sunday, March 28, 2010

i wasn't going to update my blog until finals were done with..
but i love sharing and updating my i was like oh wth i'll write a post too...
some awesome '90s r&b! these 6 songs on my list really gets me going emotionally when i listen to know just one of those songs... that take you back to that time and place in your past ...and you can rememer in your head and feel it in your body and be like 'wow this is exactly how i remember myself feeling couple of years ago!". music is such a powerful thing..probably why i fell in love with it! speaking of music... today was my first sunday singing in the worship team,
i come from a background of doing countless performances and shows...and performing secular music was always about doing it for myself. strictly dealt with my love and passion for music.
Worship/praise i understand logically ..that it's about worshiping God and using my talent to honour His name, not mine. aside of all the nerves and anxiety of singing in front of the congregation.. i think i struggled with this the most: having my mind filled with all the musicality .."am i gonna sound good, or forget the lyrics, wil i remember the transitions, is my voice gonna crack". when really all i should be saying to myself is STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF and just PRAISE GOD...
i guess this will improve with experinece as i continue to serve in the worship team =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

mixpod was being a total pain in the ass today. i think i tried to save this new playlist so i can put up on my page like.. 8 times!! -_-"
i put some of my favvv super oldies up there because i was inspired while i was writing my 8 page essay on Rhythm&Blues. hahaha like what else would i write it on .. =D.
as much as i hate being in school sometimes, i've realized today how driven i am when it comes to getting things done. i love making accomplishments. it's such a satisfying feeling. but for the same reason i tend to have minor..or majr melt downs when things don't go my way LOL. something i should really meditate and pray about.
i've been really out of sync with my spiritual life these past couple of weeks. this is simply because everything seemed so smooth and sailing the past month or two. but most of us know things eventually go from good to boring to bad when you're not engaged with God...slowly but surely. sooo i talked to this about darrick last week and he said "God isn't someone you should run to when things are really good or really need to share your life with him all the time". i've been challenging myself to pray the past two days with nothing special on my mind and it's incredible where God leads your conversation if you just take the time to sit down and give it a chance! if you read this post. goo tryyyy nowww =D.

Monday, March 8, 2010


so i've been showing off all winter how i haven't gotten sick once this season.
now that the weather is finally gettin beautiful i wake up with a sore throat and minor fever....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tis the Season of Lent

inspired by lisa..
i'm going to do a lent very similar to what she is doing!
40 days.
I sacrifice you junk food!
i've already started cutting some stuff out since last week or so..
but this will be an additional motivator

they say it takes 21 days for the average human being to adapt a habit.
so hopefully after 40 days this habit will embed in me.

day 1.