Wednesday, February 2, 2011

planet hoth/early spring cleaning

isn't it so hard to get up in the morning when you know you have to be somewhere at a certain time... and then the minute you find out you don't have to be there anymore.. you actually WANT to get up. story of my life. i know it's 'snow day' but i swear i've seen worse days this year -_-... oh whateverrrr not going to complain.

isn't it also weird that people tend to get their asses up and clean their house when they know someone is coming over? soo.. my uncle and his family are coming to toronto from korea for 3-4 days this weekend .... which means my parents have become drill sargeants nagging me and my brother to clean, clean and clean. it feels really good to throw away stuff. one of the simple things i enjoy in life lol. while rummaging through my stuff i recollected a lot of my past. good to be reminded of where you came from, who you've encountered, and what you've experienced .
this clean up will make my move in march a lot easier. can not wait to move!

finished reading both Colossians and Hosea today. i started Hosea with my sg and we didn't end up finishing it..and i hate leaving things half finished. lets just say......... Old Testament is a little harder to get through and read -_-.

rambled a lot of random things.
this is what snow day does to you :P