Sunday, October 31, 2010

cold october.

"does it seem colder in your summertime and hotter in your fall?" -Eryka Badu

the weather is indeed..completely WHACK in the city of Toronto right now. wearing my parka out at this time of the year.. i remember exactly a year ago when i went out to party for halloween in a really short skirt and blazer....i was completely fine. the crisp weather isn't bringing me down though! for once in my life i've been really embracing the chilly weather this year. i think the change is not just my surroundings but my own perspective that God has opened up. midterms had just come to an end for me this past thursday... but i have this great desire to keep on pushing hard with my school work. last night while everyone went out to go drink i was with one of my close friends studying.. and she burst out laughing saying ,"WHAT?!?! this assignment you're working on is due NOV 15?!!". honestly even as i write this blog entry i'm thinking about playing the piano, practicing singing, working on my song, and school assignments subconsciously.

...anyways. right now i am reading 1 Corinthians for my QT. i've been really enjoying this book and the one before it which was the book of Romans.

1 Corinthians 4:12-13
" We bless those who curse us. We are patient with those who abuse us. We respond gently when evil things are said about us."

it's so easy to love people who love us already. Scripture says loving and giving to people who already love you is not a very hard accomplishment..even the taxcollectors did that. It's about learning to love people who have the uttermost horrible view or opinion of you, who talk shit about you, who have backstabbed you, who won't accept on and so forth. From my personal experiences, there's nothing more that hurt me more than when relationships with people get wrecked. sometimes we won't get into the school or grad program we worked our asses for. sometimes family businesses will go crashing down. but there's nothing like having conflicts or problems with people. probably why God put our second most important commandmant as "love your neighbors as yourself" as in not just people who already love you..but those that don't like you vice versa. (ps- this is just a personal QT reflection i wanted to share..i'm not trying to preach anyone!)

i think in the midest of this crazy year with school + grad school applications, serving at church, etc. i feel very much at peace because God has gracefully given me that peace. but it took hell of a long process to get here trust me. i only hope that whatever temptation comes in my way to rock this inner peace, i will make the right decision that God desires towards anyone and anything.

*playlist- more R&B and Gospel music (my new obsession)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


if i had to describe 4th year with one would be crazy.
i can't explain what i've been experiencing these past few weeks.
but i just want to say that God is good. He is simply so good.
he's been teaching me a lot about dicipline, faith, love, passion, and commitment.
Admist of all these things i believe he's really been giving me clear visions of what kind of daughter in Christ he wants me to be. Thank you Lord for your guidance. Let me fear absolutely nothing but you Father.

---i just wanted to share quickly how amazing it was singing with the York University Gospel Choir today. i got really emotional on stage and during my time at Knox Presybetarian Church. Tonight was a worship night there and at the church were many different ethnicities and various types of music presented to us. But they were all there to praise our one God. Seeing all these multicultural groups come together to simpy worship God was definitely an eye opener for me. Made me grasp the sense of truth that our God is so damn real. From Korean to Chinese to Jamaican to Armanian to Canadian.. you name it.. i witnessed so many choirs from different churches tonight. i feel so honoured and blessed to have been part of it.

"playlist - i think r&b and korean ballads pretty much define who i am...some tracks i've been OBSESSED with lately are the first 4 songs. the last song "How excellent" was one of the songs i performed with my gospel choir tonight. doesn't do justice to a live choir. trust me.