Monday, August 30, 2010


can't believe this summer is coming to an end in 2 weeks.
this summer ... i don't know.. i can't really sum up in words what this summer was all about.
but some of the things i did were, go to a cottage x2, beach, many many dt patios, drive-in movie, do a photoshoot, met up with friends i haven't seen in a decade, one retarded night of getting drunk out of my ass, went on dates, went to brampton to see pro baseball players (better than watching the jays game, which i did this summer too because i actually knew a guy on the team we went to go see!)...

ya anyways... lets get down to the more intimate stuff.

this summer i felt like God was trying to emphasize the importance of alot of things dicipline, obedience, faith, but most importantly love. it's come to a point where i don't have to remind myself to do QT anymore. but the challenge in that was that i tended to just read the bible and not dig into the scripture because it became such a routine. the book of Philippians is helping me really take heart of what scripture is and i end up reading one chapter like 3 times because God's message in every verse holds such significance..and i don't wanna forget it. serving in the youth and EM worship team was a challenge at one point this summer and i started to slack off. but a good wake up call made me realize ..this isn't for me, this is for Him. making a commitment to this team has been one of the biggest blessings for me spiritually and musically.
from the many things i've experienced this summer...i think i'm incredibly thankful for where my relationships have come. i've reached places i thought i could never go with my parents, close friends, and those whom i didn't even consider friends.
after 4 weeks of hard struggle on the piano....i've 'composed' a couple of unfinished piano compositions.. but today i wrote my first song. i am excited to put this song together with chords tomorrow..and let people hear it so i can get some feedback. i feel a little more relieved. but still deathly frightened about all this grad school nonsense.

*playlist- past couple of weeks i've been really inspired by those five tracks while i was in the process of improvising and composing songs. i want to make music like that. music that can touch your unconsciousness and bring you to an emotional place where you can be real with yourself. and God.

"in everything you do, stay away from complaining and arguing, so that no one can speak a word of blame against you." - Philippians 2:14-15

Thursday, August 5, 2010


as i've began my very first 'composition'..
playing around with chords, intervals, melodies, and inversions on the piano...
my improvisation is slowwwwwwwwly but surely turning into a structured song.
a song that i can reclaim of my own. i never thought that i had the ability to do this, But God has truly brought me to places beyond my imagination with music.
i've been reading research papers from the grad school i plan on applying to.. reading findings from their on site campus clinics. one of the research papers said this,

"when one has connection with their own repetoire, they can connect with others in a deeper level'

the more i learn about this grad program. i grow more interest and passion for it. i can see why God has chosen this unexpected direction for me. Praise the Lord!

*playlist- dedicated to Christina Aguilera...because i forgot how amazing she was. Her new single 'You Lost Me' totally touched me on an emotional level that i just don't get from radio music these days. ended up downloading exactly 21 songs from Christina's old and new albums. it was definitely difficult to cut it down to such a short amount for the playlist!