Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just finished my last exam of the year! haha which gave me the time to make my layout a little more prettier aka more ME..being the girllyyyy girl i am. But clearly i have no web desgining talent and this is the best i can do -_-;;;. This year's been crazy. Met a lot of new people and built many new friendships. Learned a lot about myself by being thrown into places and situations that i wasn't familiar with..especially without my security blankets (close group of girls that i used to identify myself with, a significant other, drinking&partying 24/7). I think it's an interesting question to ask who are you deep inside without relating to your friends,family,school,work etc... who are you between just you and God if you were to loose all of what was surrounding you? i don't have all the answers for myself yet either but i think i'm walking on the right track.

this summer is going to be about :getting a job and maintaining it, volunteering, serving church&fellowship&continuegrowing spiritually,working hard on my voice&piano skills and spending time with family, workingoutakalooseweight.

my playlist theme is YOUTUBE UNDERGROUND ARTISTS. All the musicians on that list write their own stuff..all though some of the songs they sang up there are covers. i'm so inspired by asians and especially koreans who are so loaded with talent and not full of bullshit like 98% of the 'singers' in korean entertainment. Esna and Lydia are one of my all time fav korean singers representin' us! their voices are so distinctive and urban <3. KANGEL is a friend of mine named michelle choi..and i'm just putting it out there cause as you can see she's INCREDIBLY talented ..reppin' KOREANS,TORONTO and FEMALE RAPPERS (like you guys don't know how hard it is to find this even in a hip hop community..1 in a million chance!..
these girls are so inspiring.