Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perfect Church,

Really enjoyed our guest speaker today. It was really encouraging to hear that as a small church we have many struggles in so many ways  but being a part of an intimate community is beneficial for us.. for there is no room in a small church for people to hide and just sit back in a Sunday service... and noone can easily come in and out without not being noticed. i think this year will become uncomfortable and difficult for everyone as we look for  a new location to plant our church but i am so very excited to see how God will stretch us, challenge us, and allow us to grow together in community with His spirit being the center of it all.

haha i also loved the part when the speaker said, " why do so many people  look for the perfect church when they themselves are not perfect? if you ever find the perfect church, don't go to it.. because you will make it unperfect by entering it".

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